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Sea Classics December 2017

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The future littoral combat ship USS Little Rock (LCS-9) underway during a high-speed run in Lake Michigan during acceptance trails on 25 August. (Lockheed Martin)


    Looking like a floating derelict, the USS Charles Whittemore had a deadly surprise for the Germans / by Carol W. Kimball
    The worn-out crew of the hard-fighting USS Longshaw would loose the battle when it came to confronting Japanese shore batteries / by A.B. Bud Feuer
    In one of maritime’s great salvage operations, the USS Oklahoma was raised from her Pearl Harbor grave — but her new life was shortened, seemingly through her own will / by Gene T. Zimmerman
    Luftwaffe pilots were ordered to sink this hard-working repair ship, but the scrappy crew had a different idea in mind / by Fred Everett Sollie
    How you can help keep this Landing Ship Tank operational / by Gregory L. Wade
    The Civil War was over, but for these former POW Union soldiers, death and destruction was just around the next bend of the Mississippi River / by Cecil Rhodes II
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