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Sea Classics November 2017

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Magnificent photograph of the USS Connecticut (BB-18) undergoing full-speed trials during October 1906 when she was the most advanced ship in the US Navy as the service became a global power with its new generation of battleships. (National Archives)


    One of the proudest ships in the US Navy’s pre-war Fleet, the Quincy immediately went into action following the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor / by Robert J. Cressman
    Soon after the turn of the last century, the USA abandoned a policy of isolationism and embarked on a building program, which ultimately led to supremacy on the world’s oceans / by Jon M. Nielson
    It was an always-frustrating, often-bizarre battle that the US Coast Guard waged for 14-years against the rum runners in an effort to enforce the highly unpopular 18th Amendment / by Philip L. Jewett
    Edmund Zalinski’s huge dynamite gun using compressed air to silently spew out shells packed with hundreds of pounds of dynamite was capable of blowing up whole neighborhoods from miles distant / by J. David Truby
    Latest US Navy photographs from the service’s best photojournalists / by Howard Carter
  • LOST  AT   SEA 
    Our photo feature of ships in distress / by Susan Duprey
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